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Pediasuit™ courses in English

United States of America Canada

For The Pediasuit and Evolvik courses in the the USA and Canada, please email or call our main phone number: 954-719-6280.

Pediasuit™ courses in Spanish

UMexico Panama Dominican Republic Peru Argentina Colombia Ecuador Chile

For our Pediasuit en Evolvik courses in Mexico, Panama, República Dominicana, Perú, Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, or Chile, please contact Claudia Gutierrez (

Spain Europe

For other countries in Europe from our base in Madrid, Spain, please contact:

Pediasuit™ courses in Portuguese


For Pediasuit and Evolvik Courses in Brazil, please contact:

Portugal Angola Mozambique

For Pediasuit and Evolvik Courses in Portugal, Angola, or Mozambique, please contact:

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