Therapies 4 Kids - Social Play & Pragmatic Groups

Therapies 4 Kids now offers social play and pragmatic groups. These groups are designed to give children and adolescents who have social deficits the skills to develop age appropriate social skills, improve communication and language, create meaningful relationships, and increase play and leisure skills. Children and adolescents will be able to share ideas, knowledge, and improve their social behaviors and communication skills. Groups are formed according to the child's age, strengths, interests, and abilities.

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How it works

Social Play & Pragmatic Groups
  • Small groups of 4-6 children or adolescents are formed based upon age, need, and skill level.
  • Therapists guide the participants into discussion groups by initiating a topic of conversation.
  • Therapists will assist participants into building and maintaining conversation based upon the topic at hand.
  • Children and adolescents will practice turn taking conversational skills while using appropriate eye contact.
  • Children and adolescents will build and add to their conversational skills by solving social problem scenarios, interacting in cooperative play/teamwork activities, and by demonstrating appropriate listening/attending skills.
  • Most importantly, children and adolescents will be able to develop friendships and have fun!

Benefits of Social Play & Pragmatic Groups

Adolescents are included, too

Social and Pragmatic groups allow participants to practice a variety of skills such as initiating and maintaining a conversation, negotiating and weighing out solutions, cooperating with different opinions while learning through observation and interacting within age appropriate activities. These groups allow participants to set and complete goals; giving children and adolescents a sense of accomplishment and self-worth. These groups also allow children and adolescents to become more interactive with their families and contribute within their communities.

Differences Between Play Groups and Social Pragmatic Groups

Play Groups vs. Pragmatic Groups

Play Groups

Play Groups are designed to assist younger children with social language impairments.

  • Early verbal and non-verbal communication.
  • Play that facilitates language development.
  • Advocating for themselves and asking for assistance.
  • Following directions according to their daily routine.
  • Participating in symbolic, parallel, and cooperative play.
  • Turn taking and problem solving through.

Social Pragmatic Groups

Social Pragmatic Groups are designed to assist older children or adolescents with social language impairments.

  • Awareness of verbal and nonverbal social cues.
  • Understanding various perspectives.
  • Conversation with listening and responding turn-taking.
  • Abstract and inferential thinking.
  • How to create and maintain meaningful relationships with their family and peers.
  • Emotional regulation.

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