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In a nutshell,

everything comes down to improving the efficacy of the nervous system and reducing inflammation in the body. With chiropractic adjustments, NAET and Craniosacral Therapy, our chiropractor is enhancing nervous system function and minimizing inflammation in the body, which may help reduce symptoms your child is suffering. Since we use a multidisciplinary approach here at Therapies 4 Kids, I encourage you to seek a consultation with our Chiropractor.

Our Chiropractor:
Dr. Mary
Dr. Mary Nochimson
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Infant and early childhood injuries:

  • In-utero restraints causing twisting of the spine
  • Trips & Falls
  • Traumatic Birth Experience:
    The area that is most commonly injured during the birth process is the upper neck and skull whether it be C-sections, forceps, vacuum extraction, and prolonged pushing all lead to greater risk of traumatic birth injury to the infants head and neck. This upper cervical injury may also lead to torticollis. This injury creates a misalignment and joint fixation complex which puts pressure on the brain stem and spinal cord, as well as the spinal nerves in the vicinity and leads to improper neurological "signaling" or "communication" into and out of the central nervous system. This challenge to the communication system of the body is one of the primary reasons so many children with autism have challenges with sensory processing, social interaction and behavior, and learning. This eventually puts the nervous system into a chronic or permanent state of stress and there is prolongued activation of their sympathetic nervous system leading to infantile colic, recurring ear infections, digestive disorders, and autism.

Other neurological conditions

that may be alleviated with chiropractic are children with cerebral palsy, children with learning disabilities, children with physical/functional limitations.



  • Allow a child to get deeper into a stretch or to do an exercise properly.
  • Frees nerve flow from the brain to the muscle. Maybe the child can't kick the ball because the brain is not effectively telling which muscles need to fire.
  • Restores proper balance and alignment to the neuro-spinal system, and thus can help restore balance and function to the central nervous system. Restoring health to the nervous system will, in turn, restore health to all other organ systems.



Treats conditions that may be caused by multi-allergies - Based on NAET, autism is related to having a allergies to many dietary and environmental substances. By being exposed to these allergens DAILY, this leads to constant widespread inflammation in the brain and throughout whole body.

Two events happen when there is an insensitivity to a dietary item:

  1. There is an immune response, typically accompanied by inflammation, which is usually the root of most diseases/conditions.
  2. Your body isn't assimilating these essential nutrients properly CAUSING deficiencies in these nutrients. If the child has an insensitivity to calcium, then the child is not absorbing calcium. Calcium is essential to proper muscle and bone health and function. Just as important, calcium is important in transmitting nerve to nerve impulses and nerve to muscle impulses. Imagine all the problems a child who is insensitive to calcium may have!

By treating this allergies on an energetic level using homeopathy and acupuncture philosophy, some conditions may be helped. NEAT may also help children with allergies, asthma, constipation/diarrhea, milk/gluten intolerances, inflammatory bowel syndrome, some pain syndromes. (note: Autism for speech and eye contact... incredible!)

Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral Therapy

This is a modality which treats the craniosacral system - the dural sac and cerebrospinal fluid surrounds and protects the spinal cord and brain. The dural sac is continuous and does not have "stretching" characteristics. If part of the dural sac is twisted in one region, it will torque the whole structure, which may cause restrictions ANYWHERE along the spinal cord and in the brain. We already discussed the importance of the central nervous system. In addition, these restrictions cause INFLAMMATION/IRRITATION and may result in any number of health problems which may include autism, ADD and other learning disabilities, neuromuscular condvisceral problems such as colic or reflux, etc.



Our chiropractor also offers Acupuncture which fine-tunes the body by working on the energy pathways. In traditional Chinese medicine, it is the blockage of flow through these pathways which may lead to the development of conditions - such as pain syndromes, neuromuscular conditions, visceral conditions, etc.