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Children, teens and adults who experience mental health disorders typically seek the expertise of a mental health professional who can help them with therapy sessions and medical treatment. At Psych-4U, our staff works tirelessly in order to provide the correct diagnosis and treatment plan for our patients and their family members.

Our team will devise a treatment plan that may involve prescription medication alongside behavioral or interpersonal approaches to therapy. The idea is for your treating doctor, or therapist, to help make daily life a bit easier for you.

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Psych News

Tele-Medicine available

Starting today, Psych 4U is offering telemedicine to their new and existing patients for psychiatric and mental health services. If you are interested, please call Kristin at:

1-888-779-2448 ext. 500

We use the free Zoom Meetings app for mobile and desktop. More information here:

Our Team

At Psych-4U, we count on the expertise of a team of professionals that treat children, teens and adults.

Dr. Anna Binder, MD

Dr. Anna Binder, MD


Her goal is to optimize the overall health of her patients. Dr. Anna has special expertise in treating individuals who have medical illnesses and are in need of medication support as a component of their care. She works with individuals, couples, and families to address their relationship or career issues.

Susi Blitman

Susi Blitman

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Susi Blitman is trilingual speaking English, Portuguese, and Spanish. Aside from being able to communicate with a wide-range of clients, she places her focus on the solution, instead of the problem while treating her clients.