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Lilli is a 6-year-old girl with a variety of diagnoses ranging from autism spectrum to hypotonia. Going through the process of improvement with a loved one can be challenging. There are days of regression, days when patients don't want to comply and then there will be a day when the clouds clear and a ray of improvement shines down on you and your family, so it was always important for Lilli's mom to be consistent and persistent.

I came here because every therapy needed was offered under the same roof&lquote; stated Claudia Armas, Lilli's mother. &rquote;The therapists, assistants and physicians take pride in working to help improve their patient's quality of life but also make sure that those seeking treatment are happy while under their care. When you are in a facility, you need to know there's good practice and that people are making your child happy. Lilli is always excited to see her therapists and as a parent this shows me that T4K has the right formula.

Claudia Armas, Lilli's mother


When the Millers first relocated to South Florida, their daughter Brigitte was having difficulties in school. She was unable to provide eye contact, lacked verbal expression and was unable to tolerate others in her space. That’s when they reached out to Therapies 4 Kids.

In just eight months, the changes in Brigitte were amazing. Her separation anxiety has improved, she was able to work for longer periods of time independently and the group sessions at T4K took Brigitte to a whole new level where she was able to overcome social obstacles,&rquote; says Brigitte's mom, Stephanie. &lquote;Therapies 4 Kids ABA and Speech therapists worked to design a program to tailor Brigitte's needs. The staff provided a nurturing, non-judgmental environment where children are treated with dignity and respect. They engaged Brigitte in learning activities that held her attention. Above all, they didn't give up on her and took the time to build a meaningful relationship with her.

Stephanie Miller, Brigitte's mother


Yo, soy Carlos tengo 14 anos y desde que llege a Therapy 4 Kids me he sentido mas fuerte y se me ha hecho mucho mas facil desplazarme. Tambien me ha gustado mucho su forma de hacer terapiasporque es bastante moderna y el therasuit me parecio bastante efectivo y en esta terapia he realizado ejercicios nuevos que han ayudado a mi desarrollo. La terapista Natalie me parecio muy buena por su forma progresiva de ejersicios que varios de ellos eran nuevos para mi y me ejercita todo el cuerpo sobre todo las partes afectadas por la espasticidad. El therasuit me ha ayudado muchos porque me siento mas relajado despues de usarlo y eso me ayuda a desplazarme mejor y mas fuerte. Tambien Candice me ha ayudado bastante pues graias a ella encontre esta terapia que me ha ayudado mucho y es la persona que se encarga de que todo salga en orden y correctamente.


Tristan was born at 24 weeks weighing 1 lb 5 ounces. He was born early because of twin-twin transfusion. His identical twin Mason died at 10 days old. Tristan did great in the hospital and came home when he was 3 months old. We knew something was wrong when at a year old, he could not sit up yet. At 16 months old, Tristan was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. He is six years old now and doing great. He attends kindergarten and uses his walker to get around.
We went to Therapies 4 Kids in November of 2006, Summer 2007 and Summer 2008. Tristan also got the hyperbaric therapy 2 times a day along with the intensive therapy with Suittherapy. For the First visit, within 2 weeks, Tristan went from barely able to walk a block to walking 10 blocks. He went from being a low talker, to everyone hearing him talk. It was amazing! We know this therapy really works and we are really wanting to go back to Florida so that he can do this therapy again and again.


Denis is a sweet, good-natured little boy who lives in Bosnia-Herzegovina. He was born with a rare form of infant epilepsy which has left him severely impaired. At five years old, Denis cannot yet sit, walk or speak. Nevertheless, he is a happy child who laughs often, gives lots of kisses and loves to be around other children. Denis' favorite things to do are listen to music (and other funny sounds), swing in his hammock and be cuddled. He does more therapy each day than any child should have to but still manages to maintain his sunny disposition! Denis has been hospitalized many times and has taken many medications to try and control his seizures. For the last two years, he has been seizure-free on the ketogenic diet –something we are very grateful for. Unfortunately, there are very few therapeutic resources where Denis lives. He must travel outside the country for all his medical care and therapies. Mom and Dad learn everything they can and then try to pass on the knowledge to Denis' local therapists (who were mostly trained in sports therapy).
This ends up being quite expensive but is necessary if Denis is to have any hope of progress. Last year, Denis did intensive suit therapy for the first time at Therapies 4 Kids in LAUDERDALE BY THE SEA. AFTER ONLY 3 WEEKS, Everyone was excited about his progress. Denis gained improved head control and began to roll with minimum assistance. These were more accomplishments than Denis had made in his previous 4 years. This year, we are hoping to be able to take Denis to Therapies 4 Kids again. We would like to combine it with MONOPLACE HBOT to see if that will increase his progress. We would love to see Denis gain more head and trunk control so that he could sit by himself and be able to go out and do more things with our family.


Sarah is a beautiful 5 year old girl who has captured our hearts with her sweet spirit, She appeared to be a normal baby when she was approximately 1 year and 9 months old; her parents noticed that she was experiencing loss of movements. She was not able to take her first steps; she had a hard time standing up and the more she grew, the more movements she lost. After some testing, Sarah was diagnosed with a dysfunction in her central nervous system that causes dysequilibrium with normal movements and damage to her motor coordination. She is a bearer of ATAXIA, a genetic neurological dysfunction that leads to lesions on the cerebellum which causes Cerebro-cerebellar dysfunction and atrophy of the organs needed for movement.
She is currently in a wheelchair, uses a walker and is undergoing speech tests and physiotherapy. This disease does not perpetuate death directly, but changes a great deal of her quality of life. This, in turn, brings consequences to her and her family's welfare. During this year, Sarah went through much testing and they diagnosed her with atrophy occuring in her optical nerves. According to the doctors, it is a degenerative disease. We believe in an Almighty God who is the creator of everything and everybody. Sarah's parents, a couple who is very committed to God full of faith. They will never quit fighting for Sarah's life. Our church, as the body of Christ, is following Sarah's case very closely and supporting her family with prayers and financial help. There is a hospital in Oregon that specializes in studies of degenerative diseases such as Sarah's disease and is one the only hospitals that can effectively test her.
In July 2008 we found Therapies4kids. when everyone was telling us to rest and wait for a Miracle, Therapies4kids Team accepted her as a regular child and put her to work ( with monitored stress and fatigue levels). Not only did she get better physically but she felt very appreciated and hapyy to work with people who treated her like a regular child without a question. Today, april 6th, for the grace of God we are again at Therapies4kids in Lauderdale by the sea to start another Cycle of this amazing therapy.

Donovan and Avery

In August 2005 our families lives forever changed. We lost our second child, our first son, at the age of 2 years due to complications from congenital heart defects. He had been waiting for a heart transplant but a heart was not available. After the loss of our beloved Xavier we were reassured by doctors that we could conceive a healthy child. Our family was mourning and our first child Chayanne was devastated by the loss of her baby brother, he was her best friend. In early February of 2006 we learned we were pregnant.
Our family was ecstatic when we found out we were having twins. We felt truly blessed and a little in shock. Nevertheless, we began preparing for out little bundles of joy. The pregnancy was totally uneventful until 28 weeks when suddenly in the early hours of the morning I woke up with labor pains. When I arrived at the hospital a short while after I was told that I was fully dilated and would have to undergo an emergency c-section to deliver the boys. Donovan and Avery were born on August 11th 2006. They weighed a little over 2 1/2 pounds. They were extremely small. Due to the rapid progression of my labor and emergency c-section the boys were delivered before I could receive steroids to help mature their lungs and prepare them for an untimely delivery.
The boys spent over 70 days in the NICU. During their stay they both were treated for more than one blood infection caused by contamination of central lines they had in to recieve IV nutrition since they were too small to eat. They both had difficulties coming off of the ventilator and breathing on their own. They required oxygen for a long period. Donovan had a grade 2 bleed in his ventricles early on and Avery developed a cyst somewhere in his brain. Despite all of the set backs Donovan and Avery made it home.
Donovan had tremors to both his legs and Avery developed them shortly after coming home. They were hard to console. Due to frequent breath holding spells in the hospital they were sent home on Apnea monitors. We took the boys to a lot of specialists and started them in rehabilitative therapy to help them "catch up". We were constantly told to just give them time and they would catch up to other children their age but it became evident that something was wrong.
The boys were unable to roll over or sit up and their legs had become increasingly stiffer. They tended to arch alot but we were told this was because they had severe gastroesophageal reflux. Finally at a year of age we wanted answers. We had been patient enough. We requested a neurology consultation. Although we knew there was something wrong we were heart broken to hear the diagnosis and irritated by the response that followed.
Donovan and Avery had spastic diplegia a form of cerebral palsy. we would have to "give it time" to see what progress they will be able to make. Thus we increased their therapies from twice weekly to three times weekly. For us this meant more therapy and expenses and alot of waiting. We were not given any definitive answers in regards to the boys potentials just told that they would walk in some form by the age of 5years.
Now Donovan and Avery are 2 1/2 years old and full of life. Despite the many obstacles stacked against them they continue to reach for the stars. They are able to get around by using Walkers and they tend to use their arms to get into things that their feet can't. We have caught them assisting each other to get on top of the table on chairs etc. We are overjoyed to see them functioning the way they do but realize that they need so much more therapy to achieve independence.
They cannot dress or undress them selves they require total care when it comes to bathing and still are in diapers. They cannot sit appropriately with their legs in front of them unless they are placed that way by someone. Through their entire short lives they have endured hours of therapy speech, physical, and occupational. We have made sure they received it at any cost to us even when our insurance exhausts. Currently our insurance covers 6-7 months of conventional therapy meaning 1-1/12 hours a week of each of the above therapies the rest is out of pocket for us at roughly 35,000-40,000 dollars annually. Recently we noticed that despite all of the sacrifices Donovan's leg was turning inward and his posture was getting worse and his brother Avery was overall weaker and not making advances as we expected. Conventional therapy was just not enough thus I did alot of research and was lead to Therapies 4 kids for intensive pediatric therasuit therapy.
We decided that conventional therapy was not enough to correct and or prevent other complications in regards to the boys physical capabilities. So we utilized the last of our savings and credit to pay for one month of intensive physical therapy at Therapies 4 Kids. We were astounded by the results and dismayed at the same time knowing we would not be able to continue this therapy for our sons due to lack of additional finances. At Therapies4kids, I felt the therapists loved my sons, It made me so comfortable and optimistic to see them working hard and making sure my Twins were safe. My sons had never been able to get out of their car seat when the belt was unlatched and after two short weeks in intensive therapy they could. My son Donovans leg was not twisting inward as before and his posture had improved dramatically.
Even the therapists that had been treating the boys since they were born noticed the dramatic change and commented on the increased muscle strength, increased endurance for therapy and improved posture in both of our sons. I do hope someone out there is able to assist my little miracles in achieving as much independence as possible they deserve a chance to be as functional as possible. It breaks my heart to know that there is a therapy that can help them make amazing strides but I can not afford it especially due to the fact that both the boys need it. We know this therapy works and we hope to be able to do it again at least 4 times a year.