Why This Clinic Exists - Therapies 4 Kids

Our Story

Hello, my name is Eileen and I want to tell you why this clinic and the special exercise program we have exists today. I came upon the PediaSuit Protocol™ Therapy & Intensive Pediatric Exercise while researching cutting edge therapy for my son, Lucas, who has cerebral palsy.

I enrolled Lucas in a 3 week (60 hour) program when he was 18 months and not yet able to crawl. Lucas was barely able to combat crawl when he started this program. He was extremely weak due to right side hemiparesis brought on by a grade III & IV brain bleed and hydrocephalus caused by his premature birth at 27 weeks. Lucas has also been diagnosed with PVL.

On day 4 of this intensive suit therapy Lucas was able to crawl on his hands and knees and by the end of the 2nd week he was able to walk unassisted to the count of 7 steps. When Lucas finished the program it was clear that something joyful had happened. It was also clear that I wanted him to have more, more and much more of this Intensive PediaSuit Protocol™ Therapy. When I made the call the following week to explore this possibility the clinic I had sent him to had closed its doors suddenly. It was at that instant I knew that I had to bring PediaSuit Protocol™ Therapy and Intensive Pediatric Exercise back to South Florida so that not only Lucas but all children with neurological damage could realize their rightful potential.

It was at this time I knew I had to open up a PediaSuit Protocol™ Therapy exercise facility, build a world class team and "get the word out".

I recruited and hired qualified, experienced, and gifted people for this specialized and personalized exercise treatment. I expanded the offerings to include Adults and reopened the facility in February of 2004. The treatment is safe, without surgery or drugs, utilizing natural movements, combined with unique high tech equipment such as the Spider Cage, Universal Exercise Unit and Suit Therapy.

At the core, we are compressing 7-1/2 months of traditional therapy into 3 "intensive" weeks while using some very special tools in very unique ways.

Combined with our daily intensive profile, the PediaSuit Protocol™ accelerates the development of new motor skills that eventually strengthen muscles and teach the brain and body how to sit, stand, and walk.

Naturally, as loving parents we want to be tender to our children (with special needs). But for many of our children with special needs, for them to be all they can be... Work (muscular work) is necessary. Daily repetitive training is needed to get muscles to peak perform and to program the brain and body to do what it is capable of doing. Most therapist and parents instinctively know that traditional therapy (weekly sessions of one half to one and one half hours) is just not enough. At Therapies 4 Kids, the kids get up to 80 hrs of therapy over 4 weeks!

The program at Therapies 4 Kids, Inc. is designed specifically to enhance growth and development in each child. They start with a free screening and then a comprehensive evaluation.

The Intensive Exercise program combined with the PediaSuit Protocol™ has proven over and over to achieve improvements quicker than with traditional programs.

Thank you!